The power of pre-owned.

Pre-loved, pre-tested and pre-perfected. Enjoy complete confidence when buying a pre-owned Volkswagen with our Certified Pre-Owned program. From safety checks, to warranty and financing options, it's just like buying new but with pre-owned prices.
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Almost new condition

Every used vehicle available for sale under the Certified Pre-Owned program in Australia has to meet a special criteria. We offer a wide range of Volkswagen used cars that are no more than 5 years old and have travelled less than 120,000kms This guarantees that our used cars are almost in new condition and meet our particular brand promise.

Vehicle interior

Thorough & extensive inspections

Great service becomes standard in the Certified Pre-Owned program. Before it can become a certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen, our skilled technicians carry out a thorough and detailed workshop and test drive inspection of every used car.

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